M ore than just a speaker, every time I get in front of an audience, I strive to inspire people to find fulfillment in their lives. I inspire insight in people so that they can choose to find the areas of focus that will bring about the greatest evolution in their lives and business.

 I design custom experiences that engage my audiences by sharing my personal experiences, humors anecdotes, peer to peer coaching, interactive exercises, and innovative research.  I don’t just talk about changing behavior; I show you how to make change doable. 

My theory on our personal “Evolutionary EcoSystems” gives insight into the impact of your individual space and how the interactions of various elements in your life affects how you respond and overcome adversity.  

I demonstrate how each part of your life impacts the balance of your Evolutionary EcoSystem. The presentation gets audiences thinking, talking and ultimately implementing the practices of a balanced EcoSystem.

I look forward to helping audiences fulfill their goals so they can achieve elements of peace, balance, and success.



  • Discovering Your “Eco System”
  • Ignite the Leader in You
  • Discovering Your Trophy Room
  • Stepping Out of Your “Can’t” into Your “Can”
  • Unlocking Your Untapped Potential
  • Incorporating the Agile Method Into Your Everyday Life
  • Aligning Your Personal and Professional Paths to Success
  • Understanding the Power of Thank You
  • Mindfully Embracing Change; One Thought at a Time
  • Move Beyond Your Boundaries
  • Today’s Results Reflect Yesterday’s Decisions

I’m committed to bringing my best and freshest ideas, strategies, and stories to your event.

The following are WOMEN EMPOWERMENT topics that I routinely cover, and I’m open to your ideas:

  • My Journey to Me
  • Woman to Woman
  • You’re a Powerful Woman and You’re Here for a Reason
  • Making A Conscious Decision to Have It All: Career, Relationship and Motherhood
  • Give Your Career a Facelift
  • Embrace the Power of Womanhood

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