I have a deeper understanding of the gifts placed inside of me.  “My Journey to Me” has allowed me to learn to forgive myself and not judge myself so harshly when I get it wrong or have to overcome a challenge. I am grateful for this journey and the lessons I have learned.

Dana Raymond



Regardless of where you come from, and regardless of your ethnicity and cultural background, there is one thing we all share in common; we are all on a journey towards self-discovery.

Self-discovery is the most important discover one can make.  Life is a journey, and on this journey, we must all find ourselves – discover our worth, our value, our callings and purposes in life.  True happiness and fulfillment comes from within it is the ultimate guide along your journey to finding yourself.

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The “My Journey to Me” Online-Course

It’s your time to live the life you’ve always wanted…I am giving you a step-by-step process to empower, enrich and inspire you to journey within yourself and learn how to listen, connect and offer your greatest gifts to the world.  

You will get clarity, transformed thinking, curiosity and begin to manifest dreams and visions for your life during this 60 day course. Journey with us today.  

A workbook and journal will guide you through this process along with a map to navigate the course that includes audio recordings of coaching sessions with me. Learn more about this life changing course. Start your journey now.


“Each day, you must practice living free and loving yourself.  It does not require much. All you need to do is develop a mentality where you understand how important your wants and needs are and that you matter.”

About The Author

Lizzy Morris is a Certified Life and Career Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author, who helps women transform their lives by teaching them to embrace change mindfully; one thought at a time to ensure they get results. She does this by showing them how to identify their strengths, and achieve their goals while facing everyday challenges in their family, relationships, work, and spiritual lives. Lizzy has a passion for helping women around the world become independent, and she is aggressive in motivating and uplifting them to transform their thought processes from negative / unproductive states to OUTCOME-focused behaviors.

Read, “My Journey to Me” and let Lizzy Morris become your Change Agent and Evolutionary Growth Strategist!

I choose to live a life where I am whole and free!
Yes I am free to live my best life! – Lizzy Morris
A journey forward begins with a thousand steps.  This was the push I needed to get going…

Chantelle Roberts

Creative Director
If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.  This book helped me realize that’s my truth and I own it.

Holley Richardson

Elite Brand Agitator
This book is a wonderful tool of reference as I make necessary changes in my life.

Amy Malone

Public Relations Director
There are 24 hours in each day, but we rarely take advantage of one hour to create a valuable, more prosperous tomorrow for ourselves. Most of us misuse the currency of time.

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