It is not easy to think about moving forward when everything behind you has a hold on your heart, your mind, and soul. Letting go isn’t easy, but it is necessary if you truly want to move forward. You may ask me how do I begin to move forward when I am held in my past by unfulfilled business dreams, bad relationships and holding on to unfulfilled promises.

‘My dear friends it takes a choice decision. In the middle of the sinking sand, you have to move forward still. Your future and those waiting on your purpose package need you too. #forwardfriday

Choice-full Decisions
Let me explain the opposite to you. When you find yourself going through a series of choices that you have weighed out, as a result, you now know what makes sense to you; yet you do nothing about. There is no action taken to make things better. That is not a choice-full decision.

Step 1. Decide what is your choice
Step 2. Question yourself on the value of this choice
Step 3. Question yourself on the amount of focus you want to have to around it
Step 4. What inspires you to make this choice
Step 5. Is it your choice to make the choice

The answers to these five questions have to come from you because you want your choices to stick and become a decision. This is something I have learned. Nothing just happens it is all a part of a series of choices and decision consciously made or apathetically avoided.

It is my intention that you learn to utilize choice-full decision making, and you continue to grow. Just give yourself the room to be evolutionary. Because who you were yesterday is not who you are today and who and who you will be tomorrow is not who you are right now. That is okay.

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