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Lizzy Morris has been through ups-and-downs, but has persevered in becoming the first Black woman to be a certified Scrum Trainer… 

“Life is going to happen, it’s inevitable, whether it’s divorce, finances, poor self-image, or personal inhibitions we as women must learn how to overcome the things in life that hold us down or we will find ourselves drowning.  I can help women embrace Wanting it all?  It’s okay to want a relationship, motherhood, a social life, and a successful career.” 

In a climate where women are breaking down barriers and demanding equality in the workplace, certified Life and Career Coach, Lizzy Morris is telling women they don’t have to make a choice between fast tracking their careers or being a good wife and mother…

Amy Malone, Girl in Charge Public Relations
Office – (909) 320-8602
Direct – (323) 972-4081

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