Finding what balance is right for you is a vital key to experiencing a fulfilled and happy life.

You are unique, and because of that we shouldn’t judge our lives by anyone else’s experiences. We live in such a visual world. While platforms like Instagram and Snapchat showing other people living these carefree, lavish lifestyles makes comparing ourselves to others easy, but it is also the fastest way to become dissatisfied with your life. And, we fail to step back and recognize just how wildly unfair and unrealistic these comparisons actually are.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

They remind us of an area of our lives that may benefit from some self-evaluating and improvement. On a positive note – your dreams, your aspirations, and your interpretation of the life you desire may be a lot easier to reach than you think. Ultimately, social comparisons aren’t indicative of what others have that you don’t, but rather what you already have but aren’t quite aware of yet.

In brain neuroscience studies, we like to say that no two brains are alike. The way we process, see, feel and interpret messages is unique to our experience of the world. A giraffe’s perspective will not be the same of a turtle. So, it is important to take notice of your own unique experiences and find the balance to appreciate them. Balance is necessary to gain the techniques that will help you achieve what is uniquely yours.

Check this video out for more information on Lizzy’s concepts for discovering your unique balance.



Balance. Is that a dreaded word to you? Does every time someone says it make you cringe?

You hear everyone telling us to have a work-life balance, how’s that going for you? Probably not so well.

Well, let’s discover why.

What are the blocks that are getting in the way of you being able to find the balance that’s right for you?

Here’s the thing: What somebody else interprets as balance, doesn’t have to be your interpretation. It doesn’t have to be the balance that you’re striving for. You have to find the balance for you – that works for your dreams, your aspirations, and the life that you’re wanting to live.

So, contact me today and let’s define your balance together. And you’ll see, it’s a lot easier to reach it than you thought.


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