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11 months ago
If you can find the strength to pull back the curtain of doubts you will find the ray of hope that will remind you today is worth your participation https://t.co/2aYjg7HOiV yourcoachlizzy photo
1 year ago
It’s always your choice so this independence choose to release fireworks 🧨 of independence by owning your thoughts, your words and actions and make this Independence Day A Flagpole the day you choose to own your… https://t.co/5ulv0LPIXj
2 years ago
With Big Hugs & Lots of Love let’s embrace 2019 and all it brings us with daily gratitude and empathy. This year choose to intentionally make each moment an opportunity for your personal… https://t.co/8v0bkn8vTT
2 years ago
Taking time out ain’t a sin it’s a must. We service cars so they can take us where we want to go. Well you body takes you where you want to and takes your talents, gift and purpose to the… https://t.co/4eXtXVTQbp
2 years ago
Learn how Scrum can benefit you to build your business to shift your life in simple steps that will allow you to be accountable. https://t.co/AtGoMlsLby
2 years ago
Hey Evolutionary people. I am taking a break to reflect, assess and gather my thoughts. It’s easy sometimes to let others take your voice but your voice is your outlet to the world it’s… https://t.co/aYWIrWetQi

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