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Business Agility
Agile / Scrum The New Wave

Lizzy Morris will help introduce Scrum at the business networking event in Kingston, Jamaica.  As a CST, Lizzy travels the world  using her unique collaborative down to earth style to empower executive leadership teams and trains them to implement Scrum practices and techniques. 

Dynamic Women Doing
Dynamic Things

Lizzy Morris will be the keynote speaker at “Dynamic Women Doing Dynamic Things,” in Kingston, Jamaica.  The event will provide a unique opportunity for women in Jamaica to come together to address timely topics such as Women Encouraging and Empowering Other Women, Women Breaking Economical and Social Barriers, Women Rising to the Occasion, and Being an Evolutionary Woman, among other topics.

What Does It Mean To You?

Lizzy Morris, was among other professionals on a panel discussing Scrum and its benefits in Atlanta, Ga.

More than just a speaker, every time Lizzy gets in front of an audience, she captivates them with her witty personality and unique ability to Inspire.  Whether as an Agile & Scrum trainer or keynote speaker she designs custom experiences that are engaging and innovative.   “I don’t just talk about changing behavior; I make it happen.” 

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