For The Woman Who Is Ready To Evolve THE World

You’re a high achiever, you’re good at what you do and people know it…

But you feel like there’s still more.

By the standards that really matter – your personal standards – you’re not yet where you know you should be. You want to make a difference in the world, you want to do something huge. One of my favorite quotes is:  You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  Change is inevitable; we embrace it – and having a clear plan of action, a strategy, is a critical step you don’t want to pass over.


That’s why for a select few high-performing women who are massively committed to break through their restrictive barriers, I offer limited spots for the Elite Woman Experience, a 48-hour life changing experience completely dedicated to quantum leaping your career and life to your next level.


I see this scenario time and time again:  You’re ready to move on but you’re having trouble letting-go of your current level. You yearn to have a bigger impact in the lives of others but you’re unsure of where to start. You’re ready for more but already feel too busy and overextended.

The Elite Woman program is an intense experience designed to disrupt any patterns of mediocre thinking by guiding you to breakthrough results so that you can evolve, embrace, and win.

The question is – are you ready to put your unique mark on the world?

Because you are the CEO of your destiny!

What to Expect

Expect a high level implementation plan, identification of your top 3 talents, and identification of your motivation center

Expect to learn your value system and understand excavation of the emotional barriers

Expect brainstorming, analysis, documenting and actually implementing some of your ideas in the session

Expect a fun, engaging day of deep thinking, transformational dialogue and training designed to spur action and inspire

And expect these valuable outcomes from your Elite Woman experience:

The opportunity to detox your success to uncover the passion and understand the power of your amplified vision so that you can show up more confident as a leader.

Certainty to execute your new strategy and implementation plan with authority and represent yourself as an Elite Woman in every area of your life with full essence.

Confidence to take risks and speak about your personal brand with clarity. Your voice will mirror your vision and you’ll elevate everyone around you with it!

Elite Woman experience days are either done in sunny San Diego, a beautiful Caribbean island or exotic Dubai – locations that you’ll definitely want to book extra days to retreat on your own (trust me!).

The Explorer Elite

This package includes an elite experience abroad with Five-Star accommodations for two nights, an Elite spa or facial experience, and a delectable meal. Despite the luxury experience, the first 24-hour 1:1 session with me will be intense and life-changing. My entire toolkit will be at your disposal to help you unpack, discard, innovate and expand the complete you.

The Regional Elite

This package includes an elite experience within the USA with Five-Star hotel accommodations for two nights, an Elite spa or facial experience, and delectable meals. Despite the luxury experience, the first 24-hour 1:1 session with me will be intense and life-changing. My entire toolkit will be at your disposal to help you unpack, discard, innovate and expand the complete you.

Here’s a glimpse of what your Elite Woman Experience will look like


After your application is received and accepted, you’ll receive an assessment that will help both of us come prepared to the Elite Woman Experience. This assessment will help guide and direct the outcomes of the day. It is the foundation of your custom strategic implementation plan.

You’ll also receive a gold envelope by postal mail with your welcome package – you’ll see where we will stay, the restaurants we’ll eat at, sightseeing options, and a little swag bag of luxury goodies only available to our Elite Women.



I highly suggest you come the day before so you can be well-rested
and ready to conquer the next day.

We’ll get started around 10:00AM, with a review of the goals of the day and a mapping that I’ve come to the session with so we have a guide to work from (this is derived from the assessment you sent in prior to our session).

I’ll bring a “second chair” team member to your Elite Woman experience whose role is to help document, re-iterate and support anything you need during the intense life re-engineering session. You’ll receive a recording, documented and customized plan within 72 hours of our session.

After a couple of hours of interactive brainstorming and
capturing our key actions, we’ll break for lunch (catered by me).

We will spend the rest of the afternoon shaping how you want your career and life to look. I will then introduce you to your Personal Ecosystem and show you how to transform it – to facilitate the Evolutionary Elite Woman you are.

We’ll wrap it up around 5:00PM (don’t worry if we need to spend a
little more time, that’s what we’ll do).

And you’ll be treated to a professional massage or facial (your choice!) the evening or next day of your session (…told you it was luxe. That’s how we roll).

Despite the luxury, elite experience – you will work on you from the inside out.

I will help you cast your mold, articulate your message and tune your voice.

Then, I hope you enjoy the amazing sights and amenities available
in gorgeous Dubai or wherever we choose for our Elite Woman experience.



A week or so after our Elite Woman experience has commenced, we’ll hop on the phone for 45 minutes to adjust or discuss follow-up items so you feel confident and supported in taking the plan into rapid action on your own.

P.S.  You’ll also be eligible for 12 more lifeline calls with me for accountability and support of your new high level implementation plan.

So, What’s Next?

The Elite Woman experience isn’t for everyone. And I won’t work with just anyone either. We’ll be spending at least entire day together and it will be an intense session. We’ll start with an assessment and an approval process.

The following is the guideline for Elite Woman applicants:


You are a high performing or executive woman who has already known success but sees your abilities beyond your current reach and need help articulating and implementing your Elite level.


You have always been someone who takes the initiative and rises to a challenge. But you need help mapping out a high-level implementation plan that will elevate you beyond where you are.


You have invested in personal development in the past.  Mindset is the key tenant for success, and you understand the biggest investment you can make is in yourself. You are committed to focus.


You know the consulting benefit is worth it and have a budget for ongoing implementation.  A strategic plan is nothing without taking action to implement and iterate after you’ve established it.

A short application is required for consideration.

Once approved, you can pay in full or secure your spot with a 50% deposit. All payments must be made in advance of our Elite Woman Experience.

Your investment for the Elite Woman Experience starts at $17,500.

I realize this opportunity isn’t for everyone.

This is not a formula, template, or done-for-you anything. If you are resistant to bold, out-of-the-box thinking that requires you to leave your comfort zone, then this experience isn’t for you.

But if you are serious about supercharging your evolution and creating a plan that feels good to implement, this is for you. You will learn to see your blind spot behavior that gets in your way of progression and shift into expansive thinking.

I am here to help you unleash your Elite Evolution, and I am thrilled to be considered to co-create it as your guide. And to treat you as the CEO and leader that you are.

If you’re ready to shift your thoughts and your lifestyle to the next level…

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